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We are looking forward to getting you started!

Please fill in the details below so that we can create a MealMix account for you.

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Delivery Details

How should we deliver your meals?

Let us bring your food to the most convenient time and place for you.

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Meal Plan

What type of food do you eat?

Select the type of meal plan that best matches your taste.

* Standard - Get fresh meals with meat, veggies and seasonal produce. A balanced plan which is great for anyone without many dietary restrictions. The plan is also good for vegetarians, who can exclude any meat products at the next steps of the process.

* Vegan - You'll get a wide variety of meals full of seasonal, naturally produced vegan ingredients.

* Keto - We will create the perfect plan that helps you to reduce the daily intake of carbs, while providing healthy nutrition.

* Glutten Free - No need to wonder what to eat and what to avoid. We'll do this for you, while taking care of providing optimal nutrition of all needed macro and micro nutrients.

Select a calorie range, which includes your preferred daily calorie intake.

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Dietary Restrictions

What ingredients should we avoid?

Time to customize your meals.

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Calorie Intake

Determining your calorie intake

The questions below will help us approximate your calorie intake. You will also have the opportunity to later on provide feedback via the website, so we can adjust the calories you consume to your unique metabolism!

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